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Posted May 25, 2006.

Print and photograph auction price database products published by LTB Gordonsart Inc. are the number one choice for fine print and photography appraisers, dealers, collectors, historians, researchers, and related professionals, and are superior to those of competing art price publishers for a variety of reasons. Why? To begin with, Gordon's entries contain technical data not found in other references including quality of image impressions, paper types, condition information, margin details, and additional information as provided by auction houses in their auction catalogs. The CD-ROMs also include extensive reference book bibliographies, and for prints, Gordon's editorial staff corrects incorrect titles, states, catalogue raisonne numbers, and other errors that may appear in auction catalogue listings. Titles of prints are translated into the language of the catalogue raisonne for many major artists.

International auction sales records for prints and photographs in all price ranges with no minimum price cut-offs are documented; prices for buy-ins (items that fail to sell) and withdrawn lots (items withdrawn from auctions before sales take place) are also noted. Buy-ins and withdrawn lots are good to know about in case you get offered a print that you discover (by researching Gordon's) was either pulled from an auction or failed to sell. Gordon's image databases, now available to users at no additional chage, complement the online and CD-ROM databases.



Gordon's Print Price Annual 2006-1985 CD-ROM is the best print price database product available. It contains over years of international print auction records totaling nearly 840,000 entries for over 30,000 artists. Sales records include those for Old Master, Modern, and Contemporary fine prints; decorative, historical, botanical, topographical, and Japanese prints; vintage, fine art, and film posters; illustrated books, livres d'artiste (artist books), books and periodicals with original graphics; Picasso ceramics; and more. Also included on the CD-ROM are older print prices dating from the turn-of-the-century to 1985; a trilingual print lexicon in English, French, and German; the Gordon's image database; and a worldwide directory of auction houses, print dealers, and photography dealers.

Please note that Macintosh users need PC emulating software in order to run Gordon's CD-ROM products.

Gordon's Print Price Annual International 2006-1985, CD-ROM, LTB Gordonsart Inc., Phoenix, 2006, $595 for the initial subscription, $295 for subsequent annual updates. 30,000 image database included at no additional charge.



Gordon's Photography Prices, 2006-1970, CD-ROM is the world's leading resource of price information for 19th and 20th century photographs as well as for books and periodicals containing original photographs. It contains nearly 200,000 sales results for photographs by over 15,000 photographers sold primarily at international auctions over the past 20 years, but also includes many earlier dealer and auction selling prices. Nearly 15,000 entries are brand new and date from the 2005 auction year. A typical entry includes the photographer's name, title of the image, type of print, information about the negative and date the image was printed, signature, condition, additional annotations (as applicable), auctioneer, catalogue number, and selling price in Dollars, Pounds, Euros, and the currency of the country where the sale took place. Dimensions are given in inches and millimeters.

As with Gordon's print price database, 15,000 images of photographs are now available at no charge to users of the CD-ROM. Once again, you buy the CD-ROM for $595 ($245 per annual update).

Please note that Macintosh users need PC emulating software in order to run Gordon's CD-ROM products.

Gordon's Photography Prices, 2005-1970, CD-ROM, LTB Gordonsart Inc., Phoenix, 2005. Initial subscription: $595. Subsequent annual updates: $245.



The new Gordon's Datastore with over 1.2 million print and photograph prices is the online equivalent of Gordon's CD-ROMS with one important plus point-- the online database is continually updated, so you keep current with results for international print and/or photograph auctions. Two more big advantages to the Datastore are that it's quick and easy to use (you don't have to load a CD-ROM), and Mac users don't have to bother installing PC emulating software to see price results. Plus you have access to thousands of images of prints and photographs. On the other hand, once your online subscription expires, you have to buy new access-- you can't keep using it over and over again like you can a CD-ROM (even though the CD-ROM might be a bit outdated). Or if you're out in the field without remote access... well, you know the rest.

Datastore prices are the same as CD-ROM prices, but package deals at discounted prices are available if you want to buy them both. And you can pay monthly. (Or if you only need temporary access to the Datastore, you can purchase usage on a month-by-month basis.) Additional package deals are also available such as both Print and Photograph price annuals in book, CD-ROM, or Datastore forms, or maybe you can mix and match. Who knows? I'm sure that whatever permutation you want, Gordon's will see that you get it.

For complete information on Datastore products and prices, please visit the at theDatastore products page at the Gordon's website.

All Gordon's products are available from LTB Gordonsart Inc. (formerly Gordon's Art Reference, Inc.), 13201 N. 35th Avenue, B-20, Phoenix, AZ 85029 or call 1-800-892-4622 or visit Gordon's Art Reference online.

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