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    Art Consulting from Alan Bamberger

    How does an artist's death affect selling prices? Click Here.


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    Luna Rienne Gallery: Monty Guy - Immortal

    Monty Guy artist art

    Monty Guy and his art at Luna Rienne Gallery


    Heron Arts: Germinate - ArtSpan's 2018 Selections Juried Exhibition

    Artists: Andrea Bergen, Jennifer Berkowitz, Spencer Aldworth Brown, Dale Eastman, Heiko Greb, Kuo-Chen (Kacy) Jung, Crystal Kamoroff, J. L. King, Kristine Mays, Elizabeth Medrano, Leslie Morgan, Carrie Ann Plank, Angela Willetts.

    Carrie Ann Plank artist art

    Carrie Ann Plank and her art at Heron Arts c/o ArtSpan.


    Mirus Gallery: Sickboy - Decompositions

    Sickboy artist art

    Sickboy and his art at Mirus Gallery.


    Guerrero Gallery: Laura Rokas - La Course En Tete; Katie Dorame - Other Side

    Laura Rokas artist art

    Laura Rokas and her art at Guerrero Gallery.


    R/SF Projects: Oliver Hawk Holden - System Wack

    Oliver Hawk Holden artist art

    Oliver Hawk Holden and his jumbo sculpture at R/SF Projects.


    Ever Gold Projects: The Internet Archive's 2018 Artist In Residence Exhibition - Chris Sollars, Taravat Talepasand, Mieke Marple

    Mieke Marple artist art

    Mieke Marple and her art at Ever Gold Projects.

    Chris Sollar artist art

    Chris Sollars and his video installation at Ever Gold Projects.


    Art Attack SF: Superstitions - Dianne Hoffman & Shane Izykowski

    Dianne Hoffman artist art

    Dianne Hoffman and her assemblage art at Art Attack SF.

    Shane Izykowski artist art

    Shane Izykowski and his art at Art Attack SF.


    Minnesota Street Project: 2018 SF Art Book Fair

    Exhibitors: [ 2nd floor projects ] (SF), 2NC Books/Motto (LA/Berlin), 2nd Cannons Publications (LA), 6 Decades Books (SF), 871 Fine Arts (SF), & Pens Press / Needles & Pens (LA/SF), The Aesthetic Union (SF), Altman Siegel (SF), Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books (PDX), ARTBOOK | D.A.P. (NY), Atelier Éditions Publishing (LA), Basement (SF), Capricious Publishing (NY), Casemore Kirkeby (SF), Colpa (SF), Coloured Publishing, Container Corps (PDX), Creative Growth Art Center (OAK), Darin Klein (LA), Deadbeat Club (LA), DeMerritt | Pauwels Editions (CA), Disorder Press (SF/NOLA), Eggy Press (Berkeley), Electric Works (SF), Endless Editions (NY), Et Al Publications (SF), ExtraCurricular Press (SF), Franchise (CA), Gallery 16 (SF), Hamburger Eyes (LA), Hesse Press (LA), Houseboat Press (SF), The Ice Plant (LA), Inventory Press (NY), Kadist (SF), Kayrock Screenprinting (NY), Kunstcapades (SF), Kopeikin Gallery (LA). The Lab (SF), Land and Sea (OAK), Last Gasp (SF), Little Big Man Books (LA), Little Paper Planes (SF), Louis Schmidt (LA), Mack Books (UK), Mandujano_Cell (LA), McSweeney's (SF), Minnesota Street Editions (SF), modlitbooks (SF), Monograph Bookwerks (PDX), Never Press (LA), New Documents (LA), Night Diver Press (OAK), Owl Cave Books (SF), Paper Monument (NY), Park Life (SF), People I've Loved (OAK), Peradam (NY), Pier 24, Photography (SF), The Posters (LA), Publication Studio Oakland (OAK), RAM Publications + Distribution (LA), Ratio 3 (SF), RE/Search Publications (SF), RITE Editions (SF), SFAQ (SF), SFMOMA (SF), Southern Exposure (SF), Steven Leiber Basement (SF), Stripe SF / Jon Sueda (CA), TBW Books (OAK), The THING Quarterly (SF), Tiny Splendor (OAK/Berkeley), Um Yeah Arts (CA), Unity Press (OAK), Unpiano Books (NY), Vacancy Projects (LA), Visible Publications (SF), YBCA (SF).

    Comment by AB: Some of the many exhibitors from the great SF Art Book Fair. Definitely worth a visit next year (and all years).

    Derek Song artist art

    Derek Song of Park Life.

    Paul Kopeikin artist art

    Paul Kopeikin of Kopeikin Gallery.

    artist art

    Wall art c/o Creative Growth Art Center.

    artist art

    Offerings from Coloured Publishing.

    artist art

    Art and literature from Night Diver Press.

    artist art

    Artist books and prints from Kayrock Screenprinting.

    artist art

    Prints and books at Paulson Fontaine Press.

    artist art

    onestarpress - Three Star Books came all the way from Paris.

    artist art

    Partial headcount - 2018 SF Art Book Fair at MSP.