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OK artists. First, the good news: you can always sell your artwork. Whether you sell well now and want to sell more or you're just starting out and looking for ways to take your art public, I'm right here and I can help. I'll show you how to distinguish your art as an essential worth owning, and most importantly, how to keep people buying. Believe it. Email me at or give me a call at 415.931.7875 and find out how.

Of course reading articles helps you become a better artist too-- you'll find plenty of those here-- but articles don't have all the answers, especially about how to effectively present and promote your unique style of art-- custom tailored to you and to your aspirations. Personal one-on-one consulting from me, Alan Bamberger, an experienced art consultant, does have those answers. For example, an article might suggest you take a certain course of action in a certain situation, but your situation might not quite be the same as the one in the article. Or maybe yours is the same, but other aspects of your art, your career, how you sell or where you sell are different.

You can only learn so much from what you read. Sooner or later you have to go out into the real world, show your art to people who count, and convince them you deserve sales or shows or whatever else you want. In order to do these things right, informed intelligent professional feedback, specific to you and to the art that you create, comes in mighty handy. All the articles in the world can't take the place of a one-on-one conversation with someone who knows how the art business works.

And then there's the Internet. The old ways of presenting your art and maneuvering around the art world are now largely outdated and often irrelevant. In order to advance in your art career, you need to know not only how to establish an effective online profile, but also how to maintain it. This includes having a website that's easy for people to understand and navigate, using social networking to get exposure for your art, learning how to attract new visitors to your website, and knowing how to get the word out about your art in ways that not only maintain your current fan base, but increase it.

Want to get more shows? Want to raise your online profile? Want to sell more art better? Take the next step and email me here or give me a call at 415.931.7875. I'm a professional art consultant with over thirty-five years in the business and I know what I'm doing. I'll analyze, assess and advise on your approach, your prices, your website, your online profile, how you organize and present your art, your statement, your other written materials, how you position yourself and your art, how you talk about your art, how to advance toward your goals-- whatever those goals may be-- and more. When someone sees your art and likes it whether in person or online, be ready to turn that "like" into action-- the kind of action that gets you shows, exposure and sales.

You think you're a good artist and you make good art, right? You think your art deserves to be spotlighted online or shown at galleries and that people should buy it, right? Good. So let's talk about why you think these things, how you intend to reach your goals, and see what I have to say. It'll take an hour, it'll cost you $150 and you won't regret it. If you're at all unclear about the direction you're going in with your art or about what to do or how to do it, I can assure you that by the time we're done talking, you'll be focused and ready to go. I'm no instant fix or magic answer, but I can definitely help... and I'm dirt cheap compared to trial and error.

Alan Bamberger art consultant and advisor