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Posted November 24, 2004

Hislop's Art Sales Index 2005, 36th Annual Edition auction record compendium contains over 166,000 auction sales results for paintings, prints, works on paper, sculptures, miniatures, and photographs by over 40,000 artists of all nationalities and all time periods that sold at international art auctions for over $400 between August 2003 and August 2004. Each entry contains the artist's name, birth and death dates (when available), nationality, century when active, title or description of the art, medium, dimensions, auctioneer, date of sale, lot number, selling price (in dollars, pounds, and Euros), and a notation as to whether the piece illustrated in the sale catalogue.

The book also contains a list of all catalogued auctions, an alphabetical index of artist name cross references (artists known by more than one name), instructions on how to read entries, a list of artists whose work sold for over $1.5 million during the 2003-2004 auction season, and an auction season analysis.

Those of you who prefer online art price database research can use the Art Sales Index Database-- 2.8 million auction records for 215,000 artists whose art has sold at international auctions over the past 50 years. Art Sales Index Database is perfect for dealers and collectors who constantly research art prices, research while travelling, and need up-to-the-minute information. Subscription options include "unlimited" at $750 annually, "business" at $525 annually (8 AM - 6 PM in your time zone, unlimited weekends), pay per view at $3 per page (up to 8 auction records), and for the economy minded, "off-peak" at $375 annually (6PM - 8 AM weekdays, unlimited weekends).

Hislop's Art Sales Index 2005, 36th Annual Edition edited by Duncan Hislop. Art Sales Index, Ltd., Egham, Surrey, England, 2004, hardbound, dustjacket, 2415 pages, 8 1/2 by 12 inches. $225.

Art Sales Index online database edited by Duncan Hislop. Art Sales Index, Ltd., Egham, Surrey, England, 2004.

Order from LTB Gordonsart, Inc., 13201 N. 35th Avenue, Suite B-20 Phoenix, AZ 85029, USA. Or call 1-800-892-4622, or order directly from the Gordonsart website.

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