Posted September 16, 2005

One of the most important aspects of maintaining any collection of antiques, collectibles, or works of art, regardless of size, is properly documenting every item not only in terms of its history and significance by artist or maker, but also in terms of its provenance (ownership history), where it was sold, how much it sold for, whether it's been exhibited, when and where and under what circumstances it's changed hands, what condition it's in, and so on. The DocuMentor Collector's Record is perhaps the best tool available for documenting objects not only because it provides all the materials necessary for professional documentation, but it also includes complete instructions on how to do it right.

The DocuMentor is a multi-purpose tool that's invaluable in a variety of situations including estate planning, appraising, settling insurance claims, preservation and transmittal of family heritage, donating to museums or institutions, and tax filings. As an art appraiser, I can't tell you how many people come to me with art they have no idea about, either in terms of value or history, in spite of the fact that it's often been in their families for generations. I can only wonder how much of this art's history has been lost over the years because no one bothered to pass it down-- and that not only compromises the significance of the art, but it can also negatively impact dollar value. Perhaps the most important reason why DocuMentor is an essential part of any collection is that you may know what it is and what it's worth now, but if you don't record that information, something happens to you, other people either inherit or gain control of your collection, and they don't know how important it is or how much its worth, they can easily get taken advantage of by unscrupulous dealers, sell for pennies on the dollar, or even throw the collection in the trash. Don't laugh-- it happens.

So preserve the integrity of your most precious possessions and get the DocuMentor. Those few hours you spend doing what the DocuMentor tells you to do will pay big dividends in the decades to come.

DocuMentor Collector's Record DocuMentor, P.O. Box 2146, Front Royal, VA, 2005, looseleaf binder, instructions, worksheets, document sleeves, CD-ROM, and additional incidentals, 11 1/4 by 11 1/2 inches, $88.50.

Available from DocuMentor, P.O. Box 2146, Front Royal, VA 22630; 540.636.8875 or through the DocuMentor website.

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