Posted January 24, 2005

Internet 101 for the Fine Artist by Constance Smith and Susal F. Greaves serves as a basic introductory text for understanding how the internet works. Topics covered include history of the internet, email, web surfing, exhibiting online, selling art on eBay, website design, and searching the internet for art related information. The book is elementary in its approach and presupposes little or no knowledge of the internet, so if you don't know much, it's probably worth a buy. However, veteran internetters are not likely to learn a great deal that they don't already know.

The major advantage to using this book as opposed to other basic internet how-to guides is that this one is geared toward the artist. In addition, a number of important internet art and artist resources, including this website-- are also mentioned in various capacities throughout the text. I'm a little skeptical of the press release claim that reading this book will teach you how to make $30,000 per year selling art on eBay, but reading it certainly can't hurt-- especially if you've never sold art on eBay before.

Internet 101 for the Fine Artist by Constance Smith and Susal F. Greaves. ArtNetwork Press, Nevada City, CA, 2004, softbound, 123 pages, 8 by 10 inches. $17.95 plus $4 shipping.

Available from ArtNetwork, PO Box 1360, Nevada City, CA 95959 or call 1.800.383.0677. Or order directly from the ArtNetwork website. The book is also available as a PDF file for $15.95.

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