Peter Lik Photography and Photograph Prices

Get your Peter Lik photographs appraised here >> has received a number of appraisal requests from owners of Peter Lik photographs, and continues to receive them. If you are interested in sharing your Peter Lik photography buying experience, please read the questions below. The types of information requested include whether or not you bought a Peter Lik photograph or photographs, how the photographs were represented to you by the gallery where you bought them, what you believed or continue to believe about the photographs, why you decided to buy them, whether or not you are pleased with your purchases, and what you intend to do with your purchases either over the short or long term. Please email your experiences, stories or responses to Here are some more detailed questions you may wish to consider in your email:

► Did you have any previous knowledge or experience buying original or limited edition art or photography before you bought your photographs?

► If you bought one or more photographs, are they the first works of original or limited edition art or photography you've ever bought?

► How did you first hear about Peter Lik? What did you hear? What made you want to know more about Peter Lik and his photographs?

► How was Peter Lik represented to you? As a famous photographer? As an important photographer? Were other significant points made to you about him and his work?

► How were Peter Lik's photographs represented to you? As important photography? As photography worth owning? What reasons were given for owning his photography?

► Were you told that you should buy his photographs now? Were you told that the longer you wait, the more expensive they will get? Did you feel under pressure to buy sooner rather than later? If yes, why?

► Were you told that you were buying your photographs at relatively or comparatively low prices or at lower prices? If yes, relative or comparative to what? How were these prices represented to you? What did you believe or do you believe happens to Peter Lik photography prices over time?

► What did the gallery representative or sales consultant tell you to make you buy your photographs? Were you told, for instance, that all Peter Lik photographs increase in value? Were you told that the photographs you were considering buying were increasing in value and would continue to increase in value? Were you told that prices are going up? If yes, how fast? What else were you told about dollar values of his photographs?

► Are your photographs guaranteed to go up in value? Do you believe that their going up in value is a certainty? If yes, how do you know this? Do you have any tangible forms of proof that your photographs will go up in value? If yes, what are they?

► Are your photographs supposed to be worth more now than they were when you bought them? How much more? How fast are they going up in value? How do you know they are going up in value?

► Did you buy your photographs for investment purposes?

► How much more are your photographs supposed to be worth in the future? How much are they supposed to increase in value per year? How do you know these things?

► To the best of your understanding, by what process do Peter Lik photographs increase in value? At what points do they increase in value? What are the criteria as you understand them for price increases? Do you track changes in photograph prices over time? If yes, how and where?

► Do you think that you can already sell your photographs for more than you paid for them? If so, how, where and for how much?

► Do you intend to keep your photographs as a long term investment? When do you think you will sell them? How much more than you paid for them do you think you will eventually be able to sell them for? How do you know this?

► Do you intend to continue buying Peter Lik photographs? If yes, where will you be shopping for them? How much will you be paying for them? What, if any, are your buying strategies?

Please EMAIL YOUR COMMENTS and thank you for taking the time to participate.
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