Will a Gallery Show Your Art?

Take This Test and Find Out

If you're like most artists, you probably have dream galleries in mind where you would LOVE to show your art. So what are the chances they might add you to their rosters? Take this simple test to find out. The more you and your art match up with the conditions listed below, the better your chances of getting representation or exhibiting with them...

* The style and look of your art are similar to the art the gallery typically represents or shows.

* Your resume and career accomplishments compare favorably with the resumes and accomplishments of the artists the gallery represents or shows.

* The stage you are at in your career, and to a lesser but still significant extent your age, are similar those of the artists the gallery shows or represents.

* You have very well-thought-out and persuasive ideas about why your art belongs in the gallery, what it adds to the gallery, and how the gallery stands to benefit from establishing a relationship with you as an artist.

* Your name recognition is comparable to those of the artists the gallery represents.

* Your online profile and social media following are comparable with those of artists the gallery shows or represents.

* You have a consistent track record of showing and selling at galleries.

* Your prices are within the price ranges that the gallery typically sells in. And you have a history of regularly selling in those ranges to back them up.

* Your statement, explanations, and how you organize and present your art compare favorably with those of the art and artists the gallery typically shows or represents. In other words, you share similar beliefs, aspirations, inspirations, and views on art with those of the gallery.

* The sizes of your art are similar to the sizes of the art that the gallery typically shows and sells.

* The medium(s) of your art are similar to the mediums of the art that the gallery typically sells.

* You live in the same locality, region, or part of the country or world where most of the artists who show at the gallery live.

* You regularly and consistently produce new work in respectable numbers, typically in the range of at least 3-5 pieces per month and up.

* You either have enough new or recent art completed and ready to show that hasn't been shown or seen anywhere, or you are capable of producing enough new work for a show within a reasonable period of time.

* You produce enough new or recent work to provide every gallery that shows or represents you with exactly the art they want. And you still have enough new or recent art that hasn't been shown to provide the gallery you'd like to show at with everything that they want too.

* Galleries that currently show or represent your art, especially the ones that sell your work regularly, are OK with you showing at another gallery.

* You sell primarily through galleries and not direct to buyers.

* Your art is mainly for sale online at websites of galleries that already represent you, and NOT on artist websites or other selling platforms where you represent yourself.


(art by Casey Weldon)

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