Cruise Ship Ocean Liner Art Auctions has received a number of inquiries regarding cruise ship art auctions. Usually, these inquiries are from cruise line art auction buyers who want to know how much the art they bought is worth. If you would like to share your cruise ship art auction experience, whether or not you bought art, whether or not you had a good time, and if you bought art, whether or not you are happy with your purchases, please email through the link at the bottom of the page. Here are some questions you may wish to consider:

► Did you have any previous knowledge or experience buying art before you attended the cruise ship art auction?

► Had you ever heard of the artists whose are you bought before you attended the cruise line art auction?

► How was the art represented to you? How important are the artists? How important is the art? Had you heard of the artists before the auction? Have you ever bought art before?

► Were you told that you should buy the art while you're at sea? Why should you buy art at sea? What are the benefits of buying the art at sea as opposed to buying it on land?

► Were you told that you're buying the art at bargain prices? What made the art such a bargain? Did you get the bargain you thought you got?

► What did the auctioneer tell you that made you buy the art? Were you told, for example, that you'll be thankful you bought the art? That the auctioneer hates to sell the art so cheaply? That everybody wants one? That this artist or art is extremely desirable and in demand? That the price is going nowhere but up? Were you told any of these things, or were you told different things?

► How much is your art supposed to be worth compared to what you paid for it?

► Were you told that your art has already sold under other circumstances for more than you paid for it? Where and under what circumstances did it sell for more? How much more did it sell for?

► How much more is your art supposed to be worth in the future? How much is it supposed to increase in value per year?

► Is your art worth more on land than it is at sea? How much more? Do you think that you can sell it for more than you paid for it now that you're back on land? If so, how and where?

► Did you get appraisals with your art? Who appraised it? What are the qualifications of the appraisers? Are the appraised values supported with actual art market sales data? How much more is your art appraised for than what you paid for it?

► Do you intend to keep your art as an investment? When and how are you supposed to cash it in, and for how much money?



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