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Go to Art Appraisal Form >> provides art appraisals for all works of fine art, and also offers expert advice and consulting on all aspects buying, selling, donating, insuring, and collecting art. With over 30 years of art business experience, access to millions of art auction sales price records, and biographical information on nearly one million artists, you get the best most accurate valuations and consulting regardless of your circumstances.


Art appraising and consulting are not guessing games, and is not like those do-it-yourself sites where you get random prices or information which may or may not have anything to do with the art you need help with. With, you never have to guess; you get a real live qualified professional appraiser appraising your art every time, all the time. And you get more than just prices or consulting-- you get explanations of how those prices are determined as well as additional comments specific to your appraisal request or consulting situation. If you own or are thinking about buying, selling, collecting or otherwise transacting in art that's potentially worth hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars or more, don't cut corners. Contact me now and hire a professional.

In addition to standard "fair market value" appraisals, also appraises for insurance, donation, tax, divorce, mediation, liquidation, replacement, and inheritance purposes. For information about all fees and services including appraisal, please click the "Services" link above. To read more about appraisal and consulting services from, go HERE. To go straight to the Art Appraisal Form, please click the text link below.

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