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    Art advice from fine art professionals like appraisers and consultants costs money, but those costs are often negligible compared to the value of the art in question, or in other words, what's at stake if you make a mistake. More importantly, advice from a qualified no-conflict professional art consultant and appraiser such as myself is all about making sure you do the right thing with your art and your money. I work no angle other than to give you the most accurate honest advice with respect to your art situation no matter what that situation is. And that ultimately means more money in your pocket, not the pockets of others. I've been in the business for over 30 years; I know loads about art, about how the cash flows, about how art and money mix, and about who pays how much for what in a wide variety of circumstances. Art is my job, I do that job well, and for you, that means one thing: MY ADVICE SAVES YOU MONEY.

    That's right... I can help. You got questions? Call 415.931.7875 or email I got answers.

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