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Posted November 9, 2001

Lawrence's Dealer Print Prices, 2001-1992 CD-ROM, published by Gordon's Art Reference, contains retail prices for over 225,000 prints by more than 15,000 artists. Prices for prints in all price ranges are taken from domestic and international dealer catalogues and inventories that date primarily from 1991 through 2000, but this year, a number of entries have been added from hard-to-find retail price records dating from 1970-1990. Every entry includes data like the artist's name, nationality, birth and death dates, image title, dimensions, edition size, signature information, date of the print, and a reference number to the dealer selling it.

Lawrence's is the only existing published database of retail prices in the art business. Retail prices are normally privileged information shared exclusively by specialist dealers and advanced collectors, but Lawrence's changes all that. Now anyone can use this information to evaluate selling prices and buy, sell, donate, or appraise prints more effectively.

For those of you who collect prints, Lawrence's can be used as a catalogue to shop for images or artists that you collect. Full contact information for all dealers who provided price data is included in an index of worldwide print dealers on the CD-ROM, so when you see an image you might want to own, you can locate the dealer who owned it, find out whether it's still available, and buy it. Additional indexes list dealers by specialties and geographic locations. Comprehensive bibliographies of catalogues raisonne and general print reference works round out this terrific price reference.

Gordon's also publishes an annual hard-copy version of Lawrence's. The 2001 edition contains over 30,000 detailed retail print price records that appeared in dealer catalogues and inventories during the calendar year 2000, along with hard-to-find entries for the years 1970-1990. All dealer indexes and print reference book bibliographies found on the CD-ROM are also included in the hard-copy version.

Lawrence's is an essential reference for anyone transacting in fine prints at any level of the trade.

Lawrence's Dealer Print Prices, 2001-1992 CD-ROM, Lisa Reinhardt, supervising editor, Gordon's Art Reference, Phoenix, AZ, 2001, initial subscription $595, subsequent annual updates $195.

Lawrence's Dealer Print Prices, 2001 , Lisa Reinhardt, Supervising Editor. Gordon's Art Reference, Phoenix, AZ, 2001, hardbound, 8 7/8 by 11 1/4 inches, 1051 pages, $145.

Available from Gordon's Art Reference, 306 Coronado Road, Phoenix, AZ; 1-800-892-4622; or visit Gordon's Art Reference online.


Art Price Indicator, "Chiner Malin," 2002, published by artprice.com, contains recent auction selling price information for 50,000 artists of all nationalities, time periods, and media including paintings, drawings, miniatures, prints, posters, sculptures, and photographs. The pocket-sized guide is extremely affordable and great for taking along when you're out and about hunting for art. All artists who appear in the guide have sold works at auction during the past three years; the price results are selected as representative of what mid-range art by these artists currently sells for.

Each entry includes the artist's name, birth and death dates, type of art, title, dimensions, geographic location of the auction sale, year of sale, and selling price in four currencies-- dollars, pounds, euros, and francs. Most artists have only one entry; a handful of artists have as many as six or seven. Keep in mind that Art Price Indicator should be used only for making quick approximations of art values. For determining more accurate values of specific works of art, make sure you hire a professional art appraiser or research more comprehensive art price databases such as those maintained by artprice.com.

Art Price Indicator, "Chiner Malin," 2002, Nadege Ehrmann, Editorial Director. artprice.com, Paris, France, 2001, softbound, 4 1/8 by 6 7/8 inches, 1751 pages, $19.95.

Available from Antique Collectors' Club, 91 Market Street Industrial Park, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590; 1-845-297-0003; or visit the Antique Collectors' Club website.


Art Law Handbook, 2001 Supplement, edited by Roy S. Kaufman and published by Aspen Law & Business, provides either new or updated legal information and developments related to a variety of aspects of the art business. Issues addressed include storage and transportation of artwork, e-commerce, copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, First Amendment issues, stolen art, auction house roles in the context of the world art market, and more. Also included are a Table of Cases and an Index for the supplement itself, a Table of Cases for the main volume, and copies of laws or legal forms when applicable.

Aspen Law & Business is a leading publisher and provider of authoritative treatises, practice manuals, services, and journals for attorneys, corporate and bank directors, accountants, auditors, and other business professionals. Their publications may be technical in nature, but in the case of the Art Law Handbook and the 2001 Supplement, laypersons can understand and benefit from reading and keeping current with legal rulings in cases involving art issues.

Art Law Handbook, 2001 Supplement edited by Roy S. Kaufman. Aspen Law & Business, New York, 2001, softbound, 7 by 10 inches, 128 pages, $90.

Order from Aspen Law & Business by calling 1-800-638-8437.

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