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A complete evaluation, assessment and tuneup of how you are presenting your art to the public, the marketplace, and to the art world in general. Topics covered include how to effectively organize and present your art both online and in real life, website evaluation and recommendations, writing about your art (for your website, statement, announcements, emails, social media, etc.), evaluation and recommendations for improving your online profile and social media pages, pricing your art, getting exposure for your art, increasing your following and broadening your audience, options for selling your art, how to identify, approach and make contact with galleries and other venues for possible shows or representation, and more. Read more here.

  • Pricing your art... and more importantly, discussing how to explain your prices to potential buyers in ways they can understand and appreciate.
  • Critical analysis and recommendations on how to improve your existing website or build a new one.
  • How to identify, approach and present your art to dealers, galleries, collectors, alternative venues, etc.

      Additional Services:
  • Assistance with grant, residency or admissions applications.
  • Contract review and/or negotiation (usually takes a half-hour to an hour).
  • Estate planning, documenting your art, and related long-term recommendations.
  • Mediation and dispute resolution.

      Writing, speaking, panel participation and seminars for artists (rates vary):
  • Write/rewrite/revise/edit an artist statement.
  • Critical essay for an exhibition catalogue.
  • Custom content for an artist or gallery website.
  • Talks, presentations or speaking engagements on business aspects of art.


      If you'd like to make an appointment or have questions about your particular situation, please email me at or call me at 415.931.7875 and let's talk.


    Alan Bamberger Art Artist Consultant Advisor Appraiser

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